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Suzi von Mensenkampff 

Born to teach, travel & transform

Based in Ireland and born to travel Suzi has always been curious to explore what lies beyond the boundaries of limited thinking and cultural conditioning. Destined to teach, she discovered her unique purpose and dharma in 2011 by tuning in and listening to her intuition and following her guidance. She trained as a Chopra Certified Vedic Educator, becoming renowned in her field for her natural ability to share Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga in engaging, interesting and thought-provoking ways. Suzi takes a compassionate approach to mentoring, she is supportive and sparks her clients natural curiosity, having the unique ability to meet her students where they are. With great ease she connects with people of all skill levels, both beginners and experienced alike.

Having studied Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga with Dr. Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Centre in California and graduating in 2012 as Ireland's first Vedic Educator, Suzi went on to develop her skills as a teacher by continuing her studies in Meditation and Mindfulness at the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Arizona. Suzi continues to work with MMI as the European Programer, for their training programs & retreats in Ireland and the UK. She also facilitates supporting MMI teachers in training as a course adviser on the faculty of the Meditation Teacher Academy. Suzi has also completed the Mindfulness@Work training at the MMI facility in Santa Barbara, CA. USA. and offers a comprehensive Corporate Training Program online with companies based in Europe, Canada, UK, UAE, and Asia Pacific.


As an Ayurveda Consultant Suzi offers personalised online consultations, she is passionate about living the teachings, and has expanded her knowledge and experience of Ayurveda to offer support to her clients as they consciously connect all of the dots in their lives to see the bigger picture. Suzi provides guidance and empathy along with simple practical advice and tools to support their health and wellbeing, transforming their lives on a deep level. Suzi continued her study of Ayurveda between 2014 and 2018 with Dr. Shivani Sood at the Shivani Ayurveda Clinic in Dharamshala, India.


Her passion for travel has inspired her extensive travels throughout India and Bhutan taking guests on an unforgettable, life changing journey. Suzi is a co-founder of dharma tour, along with her friend and fellow teacher Anne Vetter, they have been collaborating and creating Himalayan retreats and adventures to sacred locations in both India and Bhutan since 2018.  They create unique experiences and spiritual adventures for small intimate groups around the world, check out her retreat schedule for 2022 / 2023.

For most of 2020 /2021 Suzi has been developing new programs and practices to facilitate living in a constantly changing world, these develop the sixth sense and intuitive response. They are practical, experiential online programs,

Trust Your Vibe and Explore Your Quest have been developed to help get you started, as you learn how to live with pure awareness and start trusting your intuition. Since early 2022, Suzi has been creating a unique 12 month Mystical School in collaboration with Janet Conner and Emma Kupu Mitchell, called Songlines - it is a deep transformational exploration not to be missed. Suzi lives by these principles and is committed to supporting you to take your next steps, she invites all modern mystics to join her and her expanding global community who are ready to answer the call to wake up!

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