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Our Story ~ Suzi & Anne

Our journey began in California at the Chopra Center in 2012, we met during our Primordial Sound Meditation teacher training which concluded with us both planting seeds of intention asking how can we best serve ourselves and others? Reconnecting in Germany, in early 2014 to give personal mantras to the management team of a German bank, we felt inspired to create our first weekend retreat in Dusseldorf. The ease in which we co-created a beautiful immersion for our first group inspired us to travel around the world and create transformational retreats in sacred places.


Whilst in Mexico we planted more seeds, and hosted weekend retreats in both Phoenix, Arizona and Cork, Ireland the following year. Suzi also travelled to India frequently as a volunteer group leader with Yoga for Hope, an Irish based charity for four years. Taking yoga groups to visit their projects supporting street children in Kolkata, India. and on retreat to the foothills of the Himalayas. In 2017  as she was saying her final farewell to India she was invited by a tour operator to visit Bhutan, she was instantly inspired to invite Anne to join her. Following all of the synchronicities, signs and opportunities that came their way, they gave birth to Dharma Tour in 2018.


Inspired by the incredible beauty at the foothills of the Himalayas, Suzi and Anne hosted a series of Spring and Fall Equinox retreats, creating spiritual adventures to India and Bhutan in 2018 and 2019. Our travels came to a brief halt as our booked out retreat to Dharamsala in 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic. Reuniting in Germany again in 2021, we both followed our intuition as we were guided to create a new series of online programs, Trust Your Vibe / Explore Your Quest and we were excited to co-host a truly mystical retreat in the UK in September, 2021.  

Our shared passion to travel, teach and transform lives continues to inspire us, we believe that the magic begins with our first thought and it is ignited by a stroke of inspiration. Our intentions create our reality and we always prepare for the mystery to show itself, we expect miracles. Our vision is to be of service and allow the Divine to work through us. We endeavour to create supportive containers for all our guests to relax, go within and connect with their heart and soul.

We are experienced teachers, and emphasize the importance of daily meditation, learning how to tune in, and trusting what comes.

We are committed to live the teachings and practice what we preach by supporting each other to connect the dots and follow the spiritual guidance we receive. The reason we keep showing up together is because we are always laughing and having fun when we are travelling, we feel expanded and we are prepared to deal with what comes. We both love to go with the flow and see where it leads us!

Our mission for our retreats is to support each guest by meeting them where they are at, holding space for them and sharing tools to guide them into expand states of awareness as they explore their unique path back to health, balance and wholeness.  We are deeply grateful for the wonderful memories we have created with all who have travelled with us and the deep connections we have shared together. 

Our passion is to follow our guidance and make choices that feel aligned (not what is always the easiest) and give room for spontaneous actions to arise.  When you join us for your annual retreat; prepare to be amazed, and assured that we do our very best to make you feel safe and taken care of – no matter where we are in the world.


We invite you to experience some of that magic and mystery with us this year, book your flight and explore our new retreat destinations in Ireland, UK and Europe.

Suzi & Anne

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Anne Vetter

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Suzi von Mensenkampff

More About Anne . . .

Anne is certified as a meditation instructor with the Chopra Centre as well as a McLean Meditation Institute mindfulness @ work facilitator. Sharing timeless teachings for inner wisdom, balance, healing, and transformation with people and organizations in the USA and Europe. She passionately continues to assist people to destress, master their minds and reconnect with their soul.


Her own quest led to intensive study in body-mind-connection, psychology, meditation, ancient & modern religions and metaphysics. She has studied with Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Buddhist Monk Rinpoche Mingyur, as well as the Oneness University in Chennai, India and the South West Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona.

 Anne is also a certified Coach and Hypnotherapist. Her academic education includes a masters in economics from the University Freiburg, Germany. After 12+ years with the worldwide top Management firm, Booz Allen & Hamilton, a management and information technology consulting firm, she stepped out of the corporate world and moved from Germany to Arizona, USA. She is fluent in English and German.

Since 2006 Anne has offered inspiring workshops and presentations educating people on how to destress, create inner peace, and discover their life’s purpose. Anne has assisted hundreds of people - both in private and corporate settings - including members in the healthcare, financial, real estate, educational and CEO segment. As a passionate traveler Anne combines her joy to help people transform their lives facilitating workshops and retreats throughout the United States as well as in Europe, India & Bhutan. Anne is based in Münster, Germany.

~Dharmatour ~


"Extraordinary! - very emotional, if you have legs to carry and you get the chance to do this, it should never be missed."

 - Emma Rutland, UK


"Thank you so much for everything that dharma tour has done for me, Anne and Suzi are beyond wonderful this was one of the best days of my life, I cannot even express how wonderful it was, thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Randi Berger, Arizona, USA


"I'm here in the middle of an amazing Dharma Tour here in beautiful Bhutan and we have just come from India and spent 12 days with an amazing group of people on an epic, spiritual, quest to take in this amazing region."

 - Drew Wehrle, Chicago, USA


"This was me stepping out of my comfort zone to come to India, but we have been so well taken care of, never once was I uneasy in the experiences we have had. I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank You!"

 - Theresa Vorkapic, Chicago, USA



"This is just about the most incredible thing you can ever do and we have done it with dharma tour who have been fantastic"

- Roma  - Watkins, Wales, UK



" We were so well taken care of, we have the best guides in Bhutan, they are so kind and humble and I love them! Thank You."

 - Debra Papst, Arizona, USA


"The experience has been mind-blowing and life changing. Everything has been so smooth, I've never felt so taken care of on a trip in every way, emotionally, physically, spiritually  and I am so grateful for the experience. Thank You Anne & Suzi."

 - Stephanie Bortko, Chicago, USA

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