Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches

a radical, time-looping, 13-dark moon mystical exploration

to remember and be re-membered by the medicine, prayer, and songlines

of 11 mystic witches from the Once Was

who come forward now to prepare you to remember and be re-membered

by the 12th witch, the wild one,

the one who has waited for lifetimes to meet you in the Not Yet

it is she who is beckoning, she who has been tapping on your heart

she is calling now:

come, let us walk our moons together

come, let us sing the songlines of the witches

come, let us re-member who we really are


Created by prayer artist and mystic witch, Janet Conner in partnership with meditation and intuitive mentor, Suzi von Mensenkampff.

Shamanic astrologer, numerologist, and plant medicine whisperer, Emma Kupu Mitchell infused with the wild wisdom and love of  Marcia Wade, Kahu Lahela Johnson, Sabin Bailey, April McMurtry under the direction and protection of the greatest mystic witch of all time, Jeanne d’Arc, who reminds us to that was true for her is true for us:

“I am not afraid; for this I was born”


What is Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches and why is it essential now?

Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches is a unique mystical exploration or mystery school opening on the Summer Solstice of 2022 and closing on the Summer Solstice 2023. Each lunar cycle begins in the Theatre of the Miraculous before the dark moon to hear the story of a witch and begin the process of freeing and embodying their medicine. During each lunar cycle, intimate groups of 6 Hex Maidens gather to share their experiences with this witch medicine.

What does the name Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches mean?

Each word of this unusual title carries clues to the alchemical transformation that awaits you in this deep mystical exploration and initiation:

Re-membering—Remember is originally a medical term meaning to restore your members (bones, organs) to their pre-injury state of well-being and health. As we look back to remember 11 witches of the past, they look forward to re-member us back into our original soul desire to live a whole and holy life—a life that makes a difference, radiates joy, and helps close the doors on the abuse everyone suffers under patriarchy.

Songlines—Songlines hold knowledge that the initiated know how to access. The Earth is covered in invisible ley lines. Bees navigate along invisible light lines. Our bodies have 108 invisible marma points. Aboriginal peoples know how to cross vast landmasses by following invisible songlines, singing as they walked. The songs hold the ancient memory of the land and the people. We will sing the songlines of 11 witches using memory devices like the first peoples made. All in preparation to be initiated into singing our own soul’s most precious and unique songline.

Witches—the etymology of Witch across all languages reveals that this word was originally a sacred title honoring our vast feminine sacramental gifts. Patriarchal religions and governments have twisted witch to mean demonic possession, handing those in power a “legal” excuse to torture and kill. Janet is restoring witch to its sacred essence: a spiritually independent woman who prays in the thresholds between worlds.