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Monthly Online Satsang

You are invited to join our monthly gathering for an online satsang with Suzi and Anne.

  • Do you feel inspired to share how you are doing ?

  • Maybe you are in need of some extra support from the sangha.

  • Perhaps you just wish to listen and show up for others.

  • Satsang provides the opportunity and support for all of these.

The word Satsang is made up of Sat, meaning truth, and Sang, which means together. A Satsang, therefore, is a gathering together to seek truth. Our intention is to simply be a group of like-minded, committed, spiritual seekers, looking to awaken and uplift themselves by finding a deeper truth or meaning to life and offering support and guidance to each other by sharing similar experiences.


Our online Satsang is a simple gathering, and often includes a guided meditation, an open discussion, and on occasions we may close by listening to a spiritual chant. It is an opportunity for self-reflection, and contemplation, including some guided practices to facilitate listening to the guidance of your own insight, and intuition.


Simply Register online for the zoom link and pay whatever feels right for you.

Anne Vetter & Suzi von Mensenkampff image Bhutan

First Tuesday of every month - 6:00pm - 7:30pm (GMT+1)

How do I join?

Simply register online to get the zoom link and pay what feels right for you.

Please note we do not record these sessions so your live attendance is required. 


What happens during a satsang?

In satsang, the commitment is to awaken, uplift, and enlighten yourselves and to unmask illusions. In short, the commitment is to know truth. We will begin by creating a shared intention to be together in the service of spirit, for the sake of experiencing the deepest possible level of truth for a given period of time. Satsang is the gateway to inner peace and new horizons.


What is a sangha?

Sangha means association, assembly, company, or community. So, in essence, a community that holds us up, that supports our journey, and reflects truth to one another.


Join us and become part of our online community of seekers in search of deeper meaning to life.

Deepak Chopra has stated that if one billion people follow practices for expanding their awareness it will create a quantum shift in consciousness for the whole population. When we come together with other seekers of truth we are helping to raise the collective consciousness.




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