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Living with Awareness

The Full Story

Living with Awareness is the quantum leap we take to enter the world of 5D, it requires a shift in perception from relying on logic and intellect to embracing intuitive knowing.

 About 5D Living

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”- Albert Einstein

Developing your sixth sense takes you beyond the first five sense perceptions as you tune in to the energy you feel, following that energy moment to moment, and trusting that this will inform you to make the best decisions and choices for you. There are seeds of desire inherent in each of us and it is our birthright to discover what makes each of us unique and live according to our true nature, free of cultural conditioning and limiting beliefs.  Discover how to tune in and then allow your inner compass to lead you, to live with awareness in every moment, with integrity.


5D Living emerges as one understands the connectedness and oneness of all. Life is experienced as an exploration of what it means to really feel alive and be alive, for inner development, spiritual and personal growth. Take the quantum leap and discover that there is a higher purpose for all things and that all experiences hold meaning. Expanding and developing our awareness we experience deeper feelings of love and connectedness with others, ourselves, and increased compassion for all living beings, including our nurturing Mother Earth.

5D Mission

Living in 5D consciousness means embracing a brand new belief system leaving behind out dated, limiting beliefs. The mission is to remember who you are;

 "You are a beautiful powerful spiritual being having a human experience. The Universe always takes care of you. The Universe always supports your evolution."

Those who are living in 5d consciously are already very much in tune with their mission by tuning in to their intuitive guidance. The spiritual awakening process has a way of naturally showing us how intuition works and a natural by-product of awakening in higher frequencies is a strong intuition. The 5D mission is to trust your vibe, to trust in your unique blueprint and realise that you have the power to create a new way of living in the world.


5D Vision


The world we know is changing. We as a species are evolving into more advanced versions of our former selves. The human perspective is refocusing, month to month, for those people who are energetically in tune with this great shift.

5D living is being able to access more of our extrasensory perceptions. As our consciousness expands we begin to see that intuition is no longer a random. moment that happens occasionally, it becomes a way of life. 

Intuition actually becomes our primary guidance system

The 5D vision is to live in a state of pure awareness from the soul rather than the mind. With your soul as your guide you can rest assured that life gets easier, as it becomes much less stressful. When feeling good becomes a standard and we no longer fear taking risk, we simply follow what feels right for each of us, at this moment you can be assured that you are beginning to live primarily by intuitive guidance. Life becomes precious in every moment, inspired, joyful, effortless.



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