Mindful Mondays

Join me live on Zoom every Monday and meet my online community of

Mindful Meditators or the the mob as I affectionately refer to them!


These are regular people from all around the world who love to meditate, and are committed to expanding their awareness using the ancient wisdom tools of Yoga and Ayurveda. Together we strive to live mindfully in each moment as conscious co-creators to make the world a little lighter and brighter.

Each week we explore regular mindfulness meditations as well as some new practices, with mantras, mudras, sutras, and music. We have a chat and check in to see how everyone is doing and some people like to share their Aha moments while others simply come to practice and leave at the end.


This group has been evolving since the Covid pandemic began in 2020 and has been growing from strength to strength with many collaborations occasionally inviting guest teachers. This year we partnered with the Feast for the Soul community and MOMM and it is safe to say that being part of a community has been a source of great strength and support for many.

Join us today, meet up and meditate every week with our global online group.
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