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An easy online program to kickstart your Ayurveda journey . . .

  Incorporating the sister sciences of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda into your daily routine will help you to bring your life back into balance. Learn how to personalize Ayurveda’s wisdom to work for you, and understand which daily practices, healing techniques, sleep habits, foods, exercises, and much more are best to create vibrant health in your unique body, mind, and spirit.

Learn how to apply the wisdom of Ayurveda to your everyday life and achieve vibrant well-being over six weeks, with live online sessions and comprehensive weekly course notes to support you.


Every Wednesday from  March 3rd  - April 7th 2021 


This is a scheduled weekly workshop hosted on Zoom over 6 weeks as 2hr sessions (12 hour teaching program)

Times & Dates

Wednesday March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st,  19:00 - 21:00 GMT 

Wednesday April 7th,  19:00 - 21:00 GMT

Price (Online Workshop including Course Notes)


 50% Discount for participants of previous Ayurveda Programs offered in 2020

Who will benefit from taking this program?

This course is perfect for people who are looking to maintain good health, interested in living a “cleaner” life, or wishing to utilize natural healing that is also backed by modern Western medicine, as well as those who are experiencing, or have experienced minor health challenges. Ayurveda is not a cure all modality, however it can help return you to full health after you have been ill and it will help you maintain good health, as a preventative system of healing.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to manage your health, want relief from accumulated stress, sleep issues, break the cycle of unhealthy habits, or simply wish to feel more energetic and joyful, the Perfect Health Program is a great place to start as it delivers a highly personalized, whole-being approach for achieving your health goals.

Throughout the 6 sessions of this weekly online program you will be guided in the principles and practical tools of Ayurveda and mind-body health, inspiring you to create a lifestyle that allows you to feel more energetic, stress-free, and in tune with yourself than ever before. Every week you will apply the wisdom of Ayurveda as you make small changes to enhance your daily routine. Over the course of six weeks theses small steps will lead to profound transformation as you will integrate and embody the wisdom with the support of your online community and the guidance of an experienced consultant.

6 Weeks to Perfect Health, learn how to live Ayurveda . . . and create a lifestyle that makes you sparkle inside and out!

Session-by-Session Program Overview

On enrolment you will receive the Dosha Quiz to take in advance of Session One.

Session 1: Introduction to Ayurveda and Meditation

Learn how to apply the wisdom of Ayurveda to your everyday life to achieve vibrant well-being, take our “Dosha Quiz” to discover your unique mind-body type and how to balance it, and experience how to use one of the simplest, most effective tools you have – your breath – to release stress and toxins.

Receive an introduction to meditation, discover the proven benefits of this healing practice, experience a powerful guided meditation to expand your awareness, and learn tips for becoming a successful meditator.

Session 2:  Ayurvedic Nutrition & Healing Through the Senses

Discover Ayurveda’s #1 key for a healthy metabolism, learn how to nurture your digestive fire, find out what, how, and when to eat for your unique mind-body type, and experience the power of eating with awareness.

Learn how each of the five senses holds an important key for creating balance. Discover what type of music and scents balance your unique mind-body type, experience a transformative eyes-open visual meditation, get a simple trick to always feel satiated at meals, and detox your entire mind-body system with Ayurvedic self-massage.

Session 3: Emotional Freedom and Ayurvedic Daily Routines

Uncover your deepest human needs, learn how to use conscious communication to transform your relationships, discover a simple technique for breaking out of unhealthy emotional habits, and experience a powerful exercise to heal and clear negative emotions.

Create an effective, do-able daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle, learn the best form of exercise and mindful movement for your mind-body type, discover Ayurveda’s secrets for treating insomnia and sleep issues without medication, understand how to stay balanced with the changing seasons, and map out your next steps for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Session 4: Snapshot of your Current Doshas - Mind & Body

In advance of this session you will receive the Vikruti Dosha Quiz taking a snapshot of your current state of balance.
You each have a unique blueprint and your doshas are your unique make up or doshic expression. Deepening your understanding of your Prakruti is the best way to return to balance in your everyday life to achieve vibrant well-being. Learn from here what your mind and body are trying to tell you as you embrace all three doshas and how they express through you. Ayurveda is a Consciousness System of Healing that looks at health as a higher state of awareness.

Session 5:  How Doshas Get Unbalanced - Explore the Sub-doshas

Uncover your patterns of behaviour and lifestyle choices that push your Doshas out of balance. The usual causes are stress, overworking and lack of sleep, lifestyle changes, poor diet, or emotional disturbances. Find out whether your imbalance is arising from Mental, Behavioural, or Physical indications and make the conscious choice to make simple changes that can bring dramatic results. Learn how to balance the Sub-doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha and the systems of the body connected with each.

Session 6: Emotional Healing - The Three Gunas and Living a Sattvic Life

Uncover your deepest human needs, discover a simple technique for breaking out of unhealthy emotional habits, and experience a powerful exercise to heal and clear negative emotions. Discover the nature of the three Gunas Sattva, Rajas and Tamas and learn how to support your Doshas as you make more conscious Sattvic Choices. Living a Sattvic life brings freedom, joy, love, abundance, expansion and a deep connection to the core of your being, your true self. The demands of modern living can often mean you lose sight of and connection to the part of you that wants to live a life of purpose and play, of happiness and ease, of meaning and authenticity.

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"Suzi brings her lovely way to Ayurveda, having a Western approach to an ancient Indian practice which worked very well for me. It's gentle & about subtle change in our own time. These changes are made easier when you have an understanding of your true nature & what best supports this. I look forward to working with & meeting Suzi again."

- Maria Buckley, Cork, Ireland.