Personal Mantra
PSM Online Program

This is an interactive Live Online Program offering you the unique opportunity to receive your mantra in a private one to one session and learn how to perfect your practice as part of a group,

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This Program is offered three times a year - January, May & October

Check Online Programs for specific dates.

Offered as 4 Live Online Sessions and includes a One to One Online Sacred Ceremony where you will receive your mantra in the Vedic Tradition, as it is passed from teacher to student orally. With 7 scheduled Group Meditation Sessions to help you establish your practice and connect you with your Online Sangha.

Program Overview - Over 10 hours Live Teaching & Practice

  1. Session One - is a group session and includes an introduction to PSM and explores the basics of meditation, including the multi-dimension aspects and layers of life as well as discussing how meditation helps us access deeper aspects of ourselves as it is rooted in the yoga tradition. Duration 2 hours

  2. Session Two - is a private One to One session, where you receive your Personal PSM Mantra in a Sacred Online Ceremony in the Vedic Oral Tradition . This session is scheduled individually to accommodate all attendees over three days and includes a Group Meditation each day. Duration 30 minutes plus Group Practice Session (45 mins)

  3. Session Three - is a group session where you learn how to perfect your practice and learn about experiences that may happen as you meditate with your Personal PSM Mantra.  Includes a Group Meditation. Duration 2.5  hours

  4. Session Four - is a group session that explores a map of the territory as we explore higher states of consciousness. This  session begins with a Group Meditation and ends with a Q & A. Duration 2.5 hours


All Sessions are recorded, If you cannot make any of the dates you will be sent a recording of the session,

This is a limited time Special Offer. (Usual Price €295)

 €15o per person (Max. 14 places, usually sells out so book early to avoid disappointment.)


We require your Birth Information; Date, Time & Place of Birth to calculate your personal mantra. If you do not know the exact time, we can assist you,

Primordial Sound Mantra
Private Instruction

“Meditation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body.”


 - Deepak Chopra

Yoga at Home

Primordial Sound Mantra 

Personal Instruction

Developed at The Chopra Centre

Primordial Sound Meditation


Instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation, offers you a powerful meditation technique rooted in the Vedic tradition of India. Chopra Center co-founders Deepak Chopra and David Simon have revived this ancient practice of sound meditation and made it available in a format that’s easy to learn.

  • When you learn Primordial Sound Meditation, you will receive a personal mantra.

  • A mantra is a specific sound or vibration—which when repeated silently—helps you to enter deeper levels of awareness.

  • A Sanskrit term that translates as "vehicle of the mind," a mantra truly is a vehicle that takes you into quieter, more peaceful levels of the mind.

  • The mantra you will receive is the vibration the universe was creating at the time and place of your birth, and it is calculated following Vedic mathematic formulas.

  • When you silently repeat your mantra in meditation, it creates a vibration that helps you slip into the space between your thoughts, into the complete silence that is sometimes referred to as "the gap."

  • Your mind is no longer caught up in its noisy internal chatter and is instead exposed to its own deepest nature: pure awareness.

Price: €295 - Private One to One 

Duration: 4 x 60 min Sessions

Connect today with your birth information and schedule your private session.


Online & One to One

knowledge + experience = transformation


  • Learn to meditate with an experienced professional teacher mentoring your progress.

  • Discover your dosha and create an Ayurvedic Lifestyle with the Chopra Certified Perfect Health Course.

  • Deepen your meditation practice and receive your personal Primordial Sound Mantra.

​As an experienced teacher, Suzi takes great care to support your progress, offering a diverse

range of certified programs both online and in one to one sessions.


Each curriculum is designed to ensure  you understand the key concepts and gain valuable skills and experiences

that can be applied to your day to day life outside of the classroom.