Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches

12 month online mystical school 
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Created by prayer artist and mystic witch, Janet Conner in partnership with meditation and intuitive mentor, Suzi von Mensenkampff.

Shamanic astrologer, numerologist, and plant medicine whisperer, Emma Kupu Mitchell infused with the wild wisdom and love of 

Marcia Wade, Kahu Lahela Johnson, Sabin Bailey, and April McMurtry

under the direction and protection of the greatest mystic witch of all time, Jeanne d’Arc, who reminds us to that was true for her is true for us:

“I am not afraid; for this I was born”



a radical, time-looping, 13-dark moon mystical exploration

to remember and be re-membered by the medicine, prayer, and songlines

of 11 mystic witches from the Once Was

who come forward now to prepare you to remember and be re-membered

by the 12th witch, the wild one,

the one who has waited for lifetimes to meet you in the Not Yet

it is she who is beckoning, she who has been tapping on your heart

she is calling now:

come, let us walk our moons together

come, let us sing the songlines of the witches

come, let us re-member who we really are



What is Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches and why is it essential now?

Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches is a unique mystical exploration or mystery school opening on the Summer Solstice of 2022 and closing on the Summer Solstice 2023. Each lunar cycle begins in the Theatre of the Miraculous before the dark moon to hear the story of a witch and begin the process of freeing and embodying their medicine. During each lunar cycle, intimate groups of 6 Hex Maidens gather to share their experiences with this witch medicine.

What does the name Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches mean?

Each word of this unusual title carries clues to the alchemical transformation that awaits you in this deep mystical exploration and initiation:

Re-membering—Remember is originally a medical term meaning to restore your members (bones, organs) to their pre-injury state of well-being and health. As we look back to remember 11 witches of the past, they look forward to re-member us back into our original soul desire to live a whole and holy life—a life that makes a difference, radiates joy, and helps close the doors on the abuse everyone suffers under patriarchy.

Songlines—Songlines hold knowledge that the initiated know how to access. The Earth is covered in invisible ley lines. Bees navigate along invisible light lines. Our bodies have 108 invisible marma points. Aboriginal peoples know how to cross vast landmasses by following invisible songlines, singing as they walked. The songs hold the ancient memory of the land and the people. We will sing the songlines of 11 witches using memory devices like the first peoples made. All in preparation to be initiated into singing our own soul’s most precious and unique songline.

Witches—the etymology of Witch across all languages reveals that this word was originally a sacred title honoring our vast feminine sacramental gifts. Patriarchal religions and governments have twisted witch to mean demonic possession, handing those in power a “legal” excuse to torture and kill. Janet is restoring witch to its sacred essence: a spiritually independent woman who prays in the thresholds between worlds.

What is Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches?

 Songlines is a vibrant living relationship with yourself and with the secret self you have carried for lifetimes, waiting for the moment when it is safe to bring her to life.  That moment has arrived.

But to attempt to answer this question, Songlines is:

  • a mystery school

  • a sacred remembering and re-membering

  • a radical experience of the bending and folding of time

  • a welcome awakening of pre-patriarchal, Goddess-centric, mystic traditions and knowing

  • an initiation without a test—your commitment, gratitude, and love is the test

We gather for the first time on the Summer Solstice of 2022 and celebrate our initiation under the Summer Solstice sun of 2023.

We will experience the radical interplay of magic that can happen when an array of ancient and new mystical teachings (rarely, if ever, explored together) weave themselves into an ultra-fertile field of possibility. Some of these wisdom streams include:

  • mystical wisdom of the bees—bees, who are 3 evolutionary cycles ahead of humans, have been singing songlines for eons; their deep knowing is embedded throughout Songlines nonlinear storytelling

  • we will experience the spell cast in three forms of storytelling: the witch’s human story in the once was, their cosmic story in the forever will be, and the message they want us to receive right now

  • memory devices—we will create memory devices inspired by pre-literate indigenous traditions and explore how these tools hold and release information through touch, movement, song, and art

  • moon astrology—we will uncover many deep mysteries as we explore four mystical relationships with our Mother the Moon

  • mediumship—we will learn to trust our intuition as we commune with and receive messages from those in the Once Was

  • wild prayer—we will dance in the thresholds between worlds as we create magical ancient and new sacred feminine prayers

  • labyrinth—the ancients knew the power of walking a mystical labyrinth and receiving a message in the center; there is a hidden labyrinth in the Mirror of Memory whose path, outline, and message will be revealed in our Opening Ceremony

  • re-membrance anointing—Mary Magdalene gave Emma the recipe and name for a very unusual 3-plant/3-carrier Oracle Elixir anointing oil that nourishes the 11 witch seed medicines in our bodies and transforms the body into a living memory device. The oil will whisper its oracular name when you step into your 12th witch

  • radical gratitude—Jeanne d’Arc is asking us to be her new army, wearing new armor of radical gratitude, and releasing the gold in the lead of the stories and shadows of the witches through the magic of alchemical fire

  • time loops—as the witches of the past and future touch and inform us in the present, the changes we make ripple backward and forward in time, altering the long story of our souls as well as countless others, and unraveling thousands of years of false indoctrination about the linear nature of time

  • sacred language of numbers—we will receive the mystical wisdom of numbers through Tarot, numerology, and sacred geometry


4 Moons - You have 3 personal Moons—Natal, Black Moon Lilith, Progressed

And each holds profound insight into the long story of your soul. In bitesize videos by Emma Kupu Mitchell and Marcia Wade, you will explore the treasures held in the sign, element, house, and Chandra for each moon. In addition, when we meet each of the 11 witches, we will explore their dark moon sign, element, and Chandra for clues to their medicine and song.

Our 13-Dark Moon Schedule

Opening and Closing ceremonies:

  • Songlines opens with a full community online ceremony on Summer Solstice, Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 2:00 pm eastern conducted by Sabin Bailey, and infused with sacred Hawaiian prayer by Kahu Lahela. Janet will lead a multi-sensory guided meditation to walk The Mirror of Memory, discover the hidden labyrinth path, and receive messages from your 4 moons and 12th

  • Songlines culminates one year later on Summer Solstice June 21, 2023 in an initiation ceremony on sacred witch remembrance ground at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire England. For those who cannot travel, as much of the festivities as possible will be broadcast and recorded.

  • The entire Songlines community will gather online for a final celebration of radical gratitude with all our teachers and guides (and of course the 11 witches and bees) on Saturday, July 22, 2023 just after the 13th dark moon.

Community and Hex Maiden pod gatherings during each lunar cycle:

  • The full community gathers online in ceremonial space on the Saturday before or on each dark moon from 2:00-4:00 pm eastern to meet a witch, hear their stories, receive their seed, and embed it into the chakra and body part aligned with the sign of their dark moon.

  • Intimate groups of 6 Hex Maidens (who will self-select their pod) will gather at times and locations of their choosing to share their explorations with that witch including an alchemical fire ceremony.

  • The full community gathers again on the Saturday before or on the ¾ moon to share prayers, songs, and experiences with that witch. The ¾ moon gatherings are filled with opportunities for maidens to cross-pollinate with one another and experiment with “Time Travel” meditations forward and back in time led by Suzi von Mensenkampff

Full Songlines Community Gathering Dates:

  • The dark moon is an ever-changing date, so to keep our schedule predictable, we will gather on the Saturday before or on the dark moon, and reconvene just before or on the ¾ moon.

  • All full community gatherings are from 2-4pm Eastern, a time that works well for most of the globe. 1pm central |12 mountain | 11am pacific | 8am Hawaii | 3pm Atlantic | 7pm UK\Ireland | 8pm Europe and early the following day in the Pacific Rim. The time in your home might shift one hour as parts of the world exit and enter daylight savings time. 

  • All Saturday gatherings are recorded and available on a password-protected resource page the following Monday. Our Tuesday opening ceremony will be available on Wednesday.


Tuesday June 21, 2022 Summer Solstice Online Opening Ceremony

Dark Moon Saturday meet witch and receive their seed medicine   ¾ Moon Saturday celebrate witch’s medicine and song
1.      June 25                                                                                                     July 16
2.      July 23                                                                                                     August 20
3.      August 27                                                                                                September 17
4.      September 24                                                                                        October 15
5.      October 22                                                                                             November 12
6.      November 19                                                                                         December 10
7.      December 17                                                                                          January 14, 2023
8.      January 21                                                                                              February 11
9.      February 18                                                                                           March 11
10.   March 18                                                                                                 April 8
11.   April 15                                                                                                     May 6
12.   May 13—yourself!                                                                                   June 10

June 21, 2023 | Summer Solstice  Initiation at Belvoir Castle. UK Retreat (optional)

Saturday, July 22, 2023  | Online Closing Celebration

Pricing for 12 month program 

Choose the payment schedule that works best for you. When you register, you will have access to a treasure trove of mystical wisdom available nowhere else and worth well over $3500.

Pay once in full                               $1188

Four payments in 4 months*     $297 each

Six payments in 6 months*        $198 each