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Songlines Summer Solstice
UK Retreat 2023 

(Please Note: This is a Songlines Members Only exclusive retreat)

Our Songlines community are invited to a retreat and initiation ceremony taking place under the Summer Solstice sun on sacred witch remembrance grounds at Belvoir Castle in England. Join us in person on the grounds of Belvoir Castle estate at a very special, luxurious private venue;

Croxton Park House.


Traveling to England is optional and open for those who wish to join in this truly magical and mystical retreat led by Suzi von Mensenkampff and Emma Kupu Mitchell.  


Arrive a few days ahead to spend time in nature and go deep into the mystery of yourself as a mystic witch, together we will explore the land and take part in a sacred ceremony to honour and integrate our seeds, our medicine, our shadows, and our Songlines. We all gather online for the live Songlines Summer Solstice Closing Celebrations, as we mark the end of our year together.


For those who cannot be in England, portions of the retreat will be recorded and shared as we gather for our final online program on the Solstice with Janet Conner leading the celebrations live from Florida, and our group joining live from Croxton Park.

How to register:

  • Register and pay in full €595.00 online to guarantee your place today. Places and single rooms are limited.

  • Register and pay a non refundable booking deposit; €150.00 online to save your place today. The remaining balance of €445 is due by April 15th, 2023.

Where we meet:

The venue is located at Croxton Park House, Croxton Kerrial, Grantham, Leicestershire. England, UK.

Our private retreat house is nestled in a private estate amongst rolling hills, it boasts beautiful lakeside views and airy living space. Conveniently situated within a 15  minute drive to A1, Grantham or Melton Mowbray.

What to expect:

Imagine yourself traveling across the globe, arriving in England with plenty of time to rest and recuperate after your journey. Meeting members of our Songlines community on route; as we gather in person at this very special location in the UK. We will meet under the trees beside the three oak saplings which were planted in acknowledgement of the Witches of Belvoir Castle in 2021 by Her Grace, Emma, Duchess  of Rutland, Belvoir Castle.

The landscape at Croxton Park, with its ancient trees and lakes holds many stories for us to tune into, we will explore what wants to be known, seen, heard and experienced. We will listen to the whispers of our souls, transcending time and space to discover ancient past lives that once were. Guided by our intuition, we will create a unique experience for each other; with the intention of integrating our inner Mystic and healing our Witch wounds.

It is said that on the death of King John, the abbot was called to Newark Castle as his spiritual council. The dismembered body was taken by him and King John's heart and entrails were buried in the vicinity of  our location at Croxton Park. We also know that The Magna Carta was drawn up around this time and it too has been linked to Croxton Park.


•    With reverence for the 11 witches, their story bearers and guides, each other and the entire community, we will pray and meditate at sunrise and sunset. 
•    Quiet time to contemplate the questions posed by Sabin as we began last year, review our deep soul writing and share our aha moments. 
•    All of your meals will be provided as we will prepare delicious vegetarian based foods, that we will infuse with love as we cook and eat together. 
•    We will walk the land, listen and tune into the trees, explore the gardens, the castle and the vast estate at Belvoir. (pronounced Beaver)
•    Create rituals embracing the five elements; air, space, earth, water and fire of which we are created. We will honour each other, and all of our community, so we may all be seen, heard, felt and fully supported. 
•    We will laugh, as we remember who we truly are and why we are here. We will celebrate, sing, dance and share our Songlines as we embody the 12th witch, ourselves.

We have a limited number of places reserved, however if our numbers exceed our expectations we may add additional places in an adjacent property. There are some beautifully appointed single rooms available on a first come, first served basis; simply select to pay the supplement at the checkout to reserve your own room.

  • All Inclusive Price: €595.00 (based on shared accommodation) 

  • Single supplement: €145.00 (can be added at checkout)


Bonus Guest:

Over the course of our year together we each have been the guided by the hum of the Bees;  we will meet with Alison Knox, who is the beekeeper of Nottingham, as well as the celebrant who officiated at the tree planting ceremony for Joan Flowers and her daughters, Philippa and Margaret aka; the witches of Belvoir in 2021. Alison may also share with us some of her channelled Angel paintings and the words she received with each, learn more on her site; "Everyday Angels" Divinely Inspired Artworks created by Alison Knox. She is also our connection to the creator of the beehive music which we were given permission to play at all of our opening and closing sessions by Wolfgang Buttress  an award winning artist, his multi-disciplinary studio is based in nearby Nottingham, UK.


Travel to Lincoln, where the hearing took place that convicted the Flowers women and many others before and after them. Our visit will also include Lincoln Cathedral; one of the most spectacular Gothic 14 century buildings that held the record for the world's tallest building for over two centuries. You will also have an opportunity to try out local British fare as we will have lunch out at a local pub / cafe when we are exploring the nearby area.


Over three nights, and four days; Monday 19th - Thursday 22nd June- together we will create a retreat like no other you have ever experienced.


  •  At the top of the property are the bedrooms and they all boast views overlooking the private fields and parkland of Croxton Park Estate. Every room is handsomely finished with the finest furnishings to ensure you’re guaranteed a great night sleep. 

  • The luxurious family bathrooms are set amongst the bedrooms.

  • Croxton Park House has a lovely private garden where we will enjoy guided Qigong and Meditation sessions to start our day.

  • Most of your meals are included and will include home cooked simple vegetarian dishes prepared in the light and airy country kitchen and eaten at your leisure in the adjoining breakfast room, which gives such a homely welcome to the property. 

  • There is a patio area offering the perfect spot for alfresco meals, we expect warm days in June.

  • There is also a formal dining room downstairs for our celebration dinner, with an original wood fire feature, and afterwards we will retreat to the lounge upstairs. Here you will find sofas so sumptuous that we challenge anyone not to fall asleep in front of the open fire.​

Not Included:

  • International travel / transfers are not included. 

  • Please arrange your flights / transfers to arrive in Grantham, Leicestershire, England before 3pm on Monday 19th June.

  • Flights can be booked into East Midlands (EMA) Airport which is 29.5 miles away. Other nearby airports include Birmingham (BHX) (55.9 miles), London Luton (LTN) (72.6 miles), Manchester (MAN) (75 miles) and London Stansted (STN) (80.7 miles) London Heathrow (LHR) (122 miles)

  • Grantham is very well serviced by trains from all over the UK, and it is also very easy to drive (if you rent a car) to from all major UK airports.



Are you feeling called? If it’s a YES please don't hesitate, book right away.

We will get in contact with you directly to confirm your choices after you register.

Payment Options:
  • Register and pay in full to secure your place: €595.00  p/p based on shared accommodation.

Add €145.00 single supplement to the cart at checkout if you choose a single room

  • Alternatively - Save your spot with a booking deposit €150.00 (non - refundable)

The remaining balance €445.00 is due by April 15th 2023.

Image by Darius Bashar
Image by Josh Boot
The Hive Night
Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches

12 month online mystical school 




Belvoir Castle

Belvoir Castle



Bees at Work

Bees at Work



Illuminated Rock

Illuminated Rock



Image by Sanni Sahil

Image by Sanni Sahil







Bee on Flower

Bee on Flower

Created by prayer artist and mystic witch, Janet Conner in partnership with meditation and intuitive mentor, Suzi von Mensenkampff.

Shamanic astrologer, numerologist, and plant medicine whisperer, Emma Kupu Mitchell infused with the wild wisdom and love of 

Marcia Wade, Kahu Lahela Johnson, and Sabin Bailey under the direction and protection of the greatest mystic witch of all time,

Jeanne d’Arc, who reminds us to that was true for her is true for us: “I am not afraid; for this I was born”

a radical, time-looping, 13-dark moon mystical exploration

to remember and be re-membered by the medicine, prayer, and songlines

of 11 mystic witches from the Once Was

who come forward now to prepare you to remember and be re-membered

by the 12th witch, the wild one,

the one who has waited for lifetimes to meet you in the Not Yet

it is she who is beckoning, she who has been tapping on your heart

she is calling now:

come, let us walk our moons together

come, let us sing the songlines of the witches

come, let us re-member who we really are



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