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DATE: Saturday, March 20th 2021

TIME: 4:30pm - 6:00pm (Dublin) | 9:30am - 11:00am (Pacific) | 12:30 -2:00pm (East Coast)

LOCATION: Live Zoom Session - online (recording available)

DESCRIPTION: Suzi von Mensenkampff and Sacred Fire invite you to join them for a Spring Equinox Treat. Experience the healing power of Sound, in a guided journey through your 5 senses with live vocals, mystical chants and shamanic drums. A mini-retreat to reset your Mind, Body & Soul, as you move out of the dark winter and prepare for the emerging light of Spring.


•     This is a unique opportunity to immerse in an equinox ritual of Sound Healing where you will be guided by an experienced guide as Suzi moves you through a body scan to help you relax as you prepare your body to surrender and receive the gentle healing vibrations offered by MJ & Dean of Sacred Fire.

•    We will open sacred space for this journey inward by taking a few minutes to connect and we will allow plenty of time for everyone to make themselves comfortable and warm. Ideally lying down on a sofa, or a yoga mat on the floor as we begin with the journey through your five senses guided by Suzi von'. (Only the audio will be recorded so you will not be required to be on camera / video after we begin.)

•    Please come prepared, with your mat, cushions, blankets, pillows, an eye mask, headphones, water, a journal, and pen and whatever you need to relax your whole body. Make sure the room is warm and quiet, conducive to deep relaxation, closing the drapes and lowering the lights to begin this powerful inward journey through sound. (for maximum benefit)

•    The journey begins with a guided "Time Travel" experience, Suzi will take you on a journey in her mystical time machine, back in time to connect with your younger self and a moment from the past that is informing your present experience, we invite in the parts that are now ready to be released through sound.

•    In the next part of the journey, you will experience Sacred Fire’s intuitive, mystical chants, shamanic drums, and healing sounds, to help you attain a state of deep relaxation, and harmonize your body-heart-mind-spirit.

•    Connected with your breath, tuning in to sensation and body awareness, you will be invited to expand your consciousness and unwind your tensions, unleash your self-healing forces, and establish a benevolent connection with your inner wisdom, your higher self, and the universe around you.

•    Suzi will assist with the integration process as we draw our journey through the senses with sound to an end with some gentle movement to ease the body back as we move into an upright seated position.

•    We will finish the session with time to do some deep soul writing, Suzi von' will guide you with some simple "Somatic Writing Cues" (bring your journal or a notebook and pen) or simply sit quietly and contemplate and continue to integrate the experience. There will be a short Q&A as we close if there are any questions.

•    However, we recommend maintaining silence and suggest that you arrange to go outdoors and spend time in nature, connecting to the healing elements of Mother Earth to complete the process and reset your body, mind and spirit as this is the day when daylight and darkness are in equal measure in the Northern Hemisphere.

•    Ayurveda recommends we apply the Law of Least Effort for the rest of the day as the Spring equinox is the ideal time for  rebirth and rejuvenation, so allow time for your mind and body to harmonize with your true nature.

PRICE: €25.00 per person

Special: €10.00 concession rate (at checkout please use the coupon code: concession)

Check out the sacred sounds and mystical vocals of M.J & Dean of Sacred Fire on You Tube here



MJ Vermette & Dean Richards are Music Medicine Artists who travel the globe as Sacred Fire.

 Their Mystical Worldbeat Concerts,  Sound Healing Journeys, Workshops and Ceremonies bring a sense of grounding, connection and deep joy.


Sacred Fire are acclaimed for their powerful drumming and heart-opening, mesmerizing vocals. Their mindful music merges operatic, Celtic, progressive rock & jazzy, new age arrangements with a twist of worldwide traditional influences. They use musical expression as a harmonizing tool, to touch deep within the soul, boost vitality and build pathways between humans and their ancestral, inner wisdom.

Based on Vancouver Island (Canada), surrounded by the beauty of ocean, forest & mountains, Sacred Fire’s music is infused with the energy of the natural elements.


Since 2011, Sacred Fire have performed & toured in Germany, France, UK, USA, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico. The duo has produced three albums, including an Ayurvedic Opera double album (a collaborative production with davidji) and numerous music videos. They have worked alongside davidji, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and many others, and collaborated with prominent musicians who have recorded with Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Krishna Das, Talk Talk, Robbie Robertson, Eurythmics and more.

Suzi von Mensenkampff

Vedic Master, Meditation Mentor, & Modern Mystic, traveling the globe as a leader and guide taking groups on sacred journeys to India & Bhutan.

Born to teach, travel & transform lives with Ancient Wisdom as a householder yogi.

Suzi is an internationally renowned, experienced mentor and guide with a passion for discovering new findings and sharing knowledge, she has made a significant impact on her students, taking them on a journey of discovery to find balance and harmony within. 

Suzi has studied Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga with Dr. Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Centre in California graduating in 2012 as Ireland's first Vedic Master Educator. She has worked as a Course Advisor and director of European retreats in Meditation and Mindfulness for the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Arizona. Whilst in  India she continued her studies at Shivani Ayurveda, qualifying as an Ayurveda Consultant in 2018, Suzi blends her knowledge and experience of Ayurveda and understanding of the psychology of the Dosha to help her clients to connect all of the dots in their lives.

Her passion for travel has inspired her extensive travels throughout India and Bhutan. Suzi is the founder of dharma tour creating Himalayan adventures and retreats to sacred locations in both India and Bhutan. Suzi is inspired to create boutique experiences for those who are ready to answer the call to wake up!

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