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What some of my happy clients and students have to say . . . 

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”     ― Oscar Wilde

Happy Woman

Randi Berger,
Arizona, U.S.A.

"Going to the Tigers Nest Monastery in Bhutan was the most magical, wonderful experience I have ever had in my life. I will treasure it for the rest of my life”

Smiling Lady

Suzi brings her lovely way to Ayurveda, having a Western approach to an ancient Indian practice which worked very well for me. It's gentle & about subtle change in our own time. These changes are made easier when you have an understanding of your true nature & what best supports this. I look forward to working with Suzi again.

Senior Yoga Class

“Learning how to meditate and getting my personal mantra has really deepened my experience of meditation. My daily practice requires discipline and my willingness to keep at it, this has been both an emotional and enlightening experience, I feel everyone should try it.”

Happy Young Woman

Fiona Quinn,
Ayurveda Client
Cork, Ireland

I am 52 & have spent all my life struggling in many areas of my life. I have explored complimentary therapies & conventional medicine but gained more insight into myself & my true nature in 3 sessions with Suzi. I got an understanding how being out of balance with my true nature was impacting me & Suzi gave me the insight to help me come back to my true nature.



Handsome Senior Man

Since I got my personal mantra after taking the Primordial Sound Meditation program with Suzi, I have been tuned into these teachings for many years. It has been very powerful experience, and I was inspired to go on and learn about Ayurveda.

The online classroom really helped my learning experience. It was presented with simple accessible guidelines that have deepened my personal experience as I made subtle long term changes. Ayurveda is a tool for life and has enriched mine.

Happy Woman

Teresa Cookson,
Las Vegas,

“This retreat has been both challenging and life changing as I was gently guided out of my comfort zone”

Paul Bowen,
Co. Cork, Ireland

Maria Buckley,
Ayurveda Client
Cork, Ireland

Emma Rutland,
Duchess of Rutland, UK.

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