What some of my happy clients and students have to say . . . 

I first met Suzi in 2014 when she organised a lovely fund raiser for the Hope Foundation. I was only able to attend the morning session & it turned out to be a life changing experience for me, I had the privilege of hearing Sarah McLean speak.


The following year I picked up a copy of Positive Living & was overjoyed to see that Suzi was running a Retreat with Sarah just 45 minutes from where I live, in Castlemartyr, Co. Cork. I signed up straight away & had the privilege attending another Retreat again 2017, both of which were wonderful. 


I was recently feeling very unbalanced & out of sorts in my life due to a bereavement & other stresses. I thought of Suzi & Ayurveda. After a lovely chat with Suzi, I was excited to work with her in this new area for me.


I am 52 & have spent all my life struggling in many areas of my life. I have explored complimentary therapies & conventional medicine but gained more insight into myself & my true nature in 3 sessions with Suzi. I got an understanding how being out of balance with my true nature was impacting me & Suzi gave me the insight to help me come back to my true nature.


Since 2014, my life has been touched in a huge way by Suzi. She introduced me to Sarah McLean & Davidji. The privilege of that is not lost on me. Suzi brings her lovely way to Ayurveda, having a Western approach to an ancient Indian practice which worked very well for me. It's gentle & about subtle change in our own time. These changes are made easier when you have an understanding of your true nature & what best supports this. I look forward to working with & meeting Suzi again.

 - Maria, Ayurveda Client, Ireland. 2020

“Learning how to meditate and getting my personal mantra has really deepened my experience of meditation. My daily practice requires discipline and my willingness to keep at it, this has been both an emotional and enlightening experience, I feel everyone should try it.” 

—  Emma Rutland, Duchess of Rutland, U.K.


Co. Cork

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