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Mystical Adventures & Retreats 2024

Silver Birch Spring Retreat,
West Cork, Ireland.

May 11th - 18th, 2024

 Be still, listen, silence speaks.
 Reconnect with your true nature.

“We went down into the silent garden. Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence. Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.”
― Leonora Carrington

Mystical Retreat in Ireland

Imagine a warm golden light flickering on the bay at sunrise.

Imagine you have arrived at this one-of-a-kind self discovery retreat,

dedicated to exploring the ancient mystical celtic landscape.

Imagine your mind quieting with meditation and truly listening to the whispers of your soul. 

Imagine starting each day immersed in the tranquil sound of silence and surrendering

to a simple schedule of meditation, gentle yoga by the fire and qigong in the garden.

 Experience the Wild Atlantic Way with refreshing wild sea swims, and warming wood fired saunas.

Imagine yourself at the Silver Birch Retreat where you will unwind, relax

and discover inner peace and tranquility amidst the rugged beauty of West Cork, Ireland.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Journey to the Silver Birch Spring Retreat

with Suzi von Mensenkampff, Sarah McLean and 
special guest Brent BecVar as your guides.

Some exclusive highlights to expect . . .

Rewild yourself in a stunning natural landscape, with a supportive, open hearted community.

Notice the synchronicities as they emerge organically guiding you to decode your intuition.

Tune in to the mystery, the mystical and imaginal realms with virtual medicine and guides assisting your unfolding.


On arrival you will receive a warm, friendly, Irish - "Cead Mile Failte"  - a hundred thousand welcomes!

All you have to do is book your flight to Ireland, and arrive at our very special retreat house in Glengarriff, West Cork on the 11th May and let us take care of everything else. The schedule commences at 5pm on Saturday 11th May and completes at 10am Saturday 18th May  2024.

Relax after your journey and settle in to our private secluded property. The Silver Birch Retreat House is set on its own exotic wild woodland, a native temperate 90 acre rainforest on the shores of Bantry Bay, offering beautiful sea views, with direct private access to the sea and every modern comfort you can imagine. We include plenty of down time during our retreats so you can explore the beautiful surroundings and truly rejuvenate in the local natural environment.

Each morning we will rise with the sun to meditate together, do some gentle yoga to warm up by the log fire and simple pranayama practices to start our day in the best possible way. After a leisurely breakfast of fresh local produce, you can take some quiet time to journal, swim in the sea or explore the surrounding woodland. This retreat offers you an opportunity to relax and unwind as you reset your body and mind. Connecting with the silent witness within, you renew your spirit and begin to follow your intuitive guidance, this helps to develop and strengthen your intuition. 


Afternoons will include spiritual discourse with Brent and Sarah and some short journeys to explore the rugged, beautiful landscape of the celts and nearby ancient sacred sites. Imagine spending a day in silence, immersed in nature and experience merging with the subtle realms. You will be supported throughout the week by our experienced team as you learn new meditation techniques with sutra practices and deepen your connection as you listen to the gentle whispers of your soul. 

All of your meals will include seasonal produce in vegetarian dishes, which we prepare together daily. The emphasis is to lighten your diet whilst providing complete nourishment to rekindle your digestive fire. Taste a prana rich diet comprising of a rainbow of colours and all six tastes to enliven your tastebuds and nourish your body. There will also be opportunities to eat out at local cafes (not included) when we are off exploring some of the local towns and villages.

Expect short hikes in nature, wild sea swimming, and an outdoor wood fired sauna experience. Evening activities will include a sacred fire ceremony and live music with Brent playing guitar and leading us in chanting and kirtan. We will play games and have cosy chats by the fire, maybe try something new and we will definitely lighten up, not taking ourselves so seriously with lots of laughter!

Breathe & Live the Wild Atlantic Way 

Throughout the week we will meditate at least twice a day to help reset and establish your meditation practice and take time to do some deep soul writing and tune in to what wants to be seen and heard. On Friday evening our week together culminates with a celebratory dinner as we reflect on our mystical week together.  On Saturday, May 18th the retreat ends shortly after breakfast so you can check out of our accomodation by 10am. Please arrange your local transport to take you back to Cork which is approx. 90 km. the journey takes just over an hour so plan your onward travel arrangements for that afternoon.

  • All you have to do is simply book your flights to arrive in Ireland before Saturday 11th May

  • Flights can be booked into Dublin or Shannon Airports and you can take a train or bus to Cork.

  • Alternatively fly directly into Cork International Airport. (Transit through London, Paris, Zurich or Amsterdam)

  • Rent a car, and enjoy driving through the local towns, take a local bus or book a private taxi.

  • We can offer you support when planning your trip and making your travel plans.

Seven Restful Nights & Seven Glorious Days 

Booking Options

All inclusive price: €2450.00  per person based on shared accommodation.

Single Supplement: €395.00 limited rooms available.


Early bird offer €2400.00 - Pay in full before March 1st and save €50.00 


Save your place today and pay a deposit: €450.00 | Balance due by March 1st, 2024: €1950.00

 There are many magical, hidden, treasures that you can look forward to visiting and experiencing.

Drombeg Stone Circle is a circle of 17 standing stones which on excavation showed that there had been an urn burial in the centre. It has been dated to between 153BC and 127AD. It is locally known as the Druid's Altar, and is easily accessible as it is located on the edge of a rocky terrace overlooking the sea.

Glengarriff Nature Reserve the setting here is spectacular, the woods are nestled in the sheltered glen opening out into Glengarriff Harbour.  Above the woods rise the Caha Mountains, with their dramatic layers of sheer rock creating a stunning waterfall.

Gougane Barra is a scenic valley and heritage site in the Shehy Mountains of County Cork, it is at the source of the River Lee and includes a lake with an oratory built on a small island by St. Finbarr, the Patron Saint of Cork. It’s said that when he first arrived at Gougane Barra he was so blown away that he decided to build a Monastery on its grounds. The ruins of his Monastery can still be viewed today on the island that’s adjacent to the Church. You can also find the Cathedral built in his name (St Finbarr’s Cathedral) in Cork City.


“Silence is a source of Great Strength.”
― Lao Tzu


We are inspired to co-create this very special retreat especially for you. As consciousness explorers we each bring our unique gifts and talents, combined with decades of experience to hold space and support your becoming. Our team embodies ancient timeless wisdom with a generosity of spirit and together we are committed to helping you transcend and embrace your true nature.

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Suzi von Mensenkampff, Ireland.

After many years of hosting retreats around the world, Suzi was inspired to start looking closer to home for locations. Her passion for travel led to her extensive travels throughout India and Bhutan taking guests on unforgettable, life changing journeys exploring the sacred Himalayan foothills and caves, embracing Eastern wisdom traditions. Her vision has evolved in recent years to also include Ireland. Suzi invites you to listen to the land speak, surrender to nature, connect with your heart and follow your intuition, immersed in the landscape of ancient Celtic Mysticism. 

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Sarah McLean, USA

Sarah McLean is a contemporary meditation and mindfulness teacher who has been inspiring people to meditate since 1993. Sarah has been a popular facilitator at retreats for the Chopra Center, Esalen Institute, The Art of Living Retreat Center, and many other world-class destinations.

“I am dedicated to doing what I can to create more peace on this planet for every living being. I believe that when people learn how to meditate and practice every day, their awareness expands and they are able to cultivate their own personal peace."


Brent BecVar, USA

Brent BecVar, M.S., Vedic Counseling Program Director, has practiced astrology and counseling over the past 36 years and has studied with respected teachers in this country and in India. He has worked directly with Dr. Deepak Chopra as an administrator, teacher, therapist and Chopra Retreat facilitator for over 32 years.

Jyotish, in Sanskrit translated as “Science of Light,” is a profound and mathematically sophisticated form of astrology that originated in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. It describes how planetary patterns at the time of our birth give valuable clues in helping us understand our life’s journey. 

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