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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Sometimes it seems to me that everything is connected and I find I can string together magical moments that start out as random events and end up connecting to some other random experience. I developed an appreciation for these 'coincidences' and little signs and synchro's as I call them, added a light-hearted mysticism to my days. With this in mind I was curious enough to keep track of them and see how things may unfold.

In time what I have noticed is that these signs are like clues, or breadcrumbs on my path and by trusting them 'I embrace the unknown with a playful curiosity.' Now I expect them and I seem to notice what others do not notice as I am drawn to seek the deeper meaning behind such events. Sometimes I notice themes that occur in a dream that show up in my day, as songs or lyrics, a movie, in an email or Instagram post.

Do you notice many coincidences as you go about your life? It can be very helpful to choose a date or particular month and look back over your life, year by year and trace your personal history. This is how you will see the role that coincidences have played in your life.

This week on our Live Meditation (you can check it out on YouTube) we began to explore mantras and sutra statements that activate the principles of synchronicity.

And I invite you now to consider the following questions; 'what would you wish for if you knew that miracles were possible?

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at connecting with our boundless nature as we choose to live a mystical life connected to our hearts desires, setting intentions, detaching from the outcome and harnessing our archetypes and their qualities.

'Are you ready to tap into the power of coincidence to create miracles? ' There is an opportunity to explore these questions on our live calls every week. Why not join us live at 5pm (Ireland) again on Friday (21st) as we explore the next stage, where we will tap into our expanded state of awareness with a guided meditation and use the mantra 'Moksha' - I am emotionally free.

Synchronicity helps us develop our connection with Spirit, as you develop a daily meditation practice and become familiar with the principles and mantras, you will begin to notice more and more signs and synchro's of your own. Become more aware of your true nature and live in harmony as discover that you have a contribution to make to the world.

Discover your unique gifts and talents and move with the rhythm of the conscious universe. This is when you begin to live a mystical life where wonderous things happen and you feel connected to the Universal flow. I would love you to join us on the call this week, check out the link to the Free Live Guided Meditation You are all welcome, so invite your friends too.

Stay safe, stay well and stay home,


Suzi Von'

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