Trust Your Vibe

Learn how to develop your intuition and empower yourself to live your best life!

8 Dec. 2021 - 2 Mar. 2022 | 19:00 - 20:30 GMT

Personal Development Program ~ 12 live group sessions on Zoom

Guided by Suzi von Mensenkampff & Anne Vetter

  • Experience connecting to your heart and asking for guidance

  • Feel energy and develop your intuition

  • Release your blocks 

  • Trust your guidance

  • Make the invisible visible

  • Expand your awareness and develop your creativity

Price: €295.00

Image by Jr Korpa
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”- Albert Einstein
Do you struggle with making decisions and trusting your own instincts?
Have you ever known something deep inside of you but you didn’t know how you knew it?​ Maybe it's a feeling that lets you know that you shouldn’t be in a relationship with a certain person or that one of the jobs you were considering accepting wouldn’t be a good fit. When you have these thoughts and feelings, it’s your intuition. When you experience these moments, you don’t need other people to validate it for you. You just know that you know: you’re making the right decision by trusting your gut. 

Trusting your intuition means tuning in as deeply as you can to the energy you feel, following that energy moment to moment, and trusting that it will lead you where you want to go. The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become,  and the happier you become, it is that simple.

So why don't we tune in more and trust our vibes?


 Often it is the fear of actually succeeding that plays a big part of why we don’t trust our intuition. If we actually succeed with the goals we have set, that might mean that we would have to do some things that are well outside our comfort zone to get to that goal. It might mean having difficult conversations or speaking your truth.

Carolyn Myss says -"Intuition is neither the ability to engage prophesy nor a means of avoiding financial loss or painful relationships. It is actually the ability to use energy data to make decisions in the immediate moment.” 


 This program has been developed to help you to feel into your energy and make better decisions. Over 12 live sessions we will guide you to train your attention and develop all of your senses. Every session includes break out groups to practice and support you to overcome your blocks and challenges. As you begin to fine tune your intuitive messages and become more familiar with your subconscious mind and access psychic insights.

Right now, feel in and ask yourself: Is this the right program for me? Your first instinct is usually right!


Program Overview


Includes over 18 hours live teaching & practice sessions | Every Wednesday 7pm - 8:30pm  GMT | Duration 1.5 hours

Session One -

Tune in and discover how Meditation trains your attention and expands your awareness.

Session Two -

Listening with your heart, asking the soul for guidance.

Session Three -

Emotional Freedom, healing your challenges that keep you blocked.

Session Four -

Seven Biological Responses. Choosing the intuitive response in every moment.

Session Five -

The 5D response is the creative leap that transforms your life. Entering the imaginal realm.

Session Six - 

Expanded Awareness and higher states of consciousness. Becoming a visionary.

Session Seven -

Trusting your gut, finding deeper levels of fulfilment.

Session Eight -

Knowingness, trust your signs. Following synchronicity and seeing where it leads.

Session Nine -

Deepening your practice, expanding compassion. How can I best serve myself and others?

Session Ten -

The Sacred Response access to the field of pure awareness. Making the unconscious conscious; inner sensing, insight.

Session Eleven -

Interconnectivity, everything is connected. What do I really want? Setting intentions.

Session Twelve- January 11th 2022

I get it! Living with presence, opening to guidance, seeing through the illusions.


If you feel ready to truly take a quantum leap in your personal development, this is for you. Do not hesitate, take the first step now and say YES to you by registering for this unique program starting soon. -


12 live practice sessions every Wednesday from Dec 8th 2021 - March 2nd 2022 

Special Offer; €295 per person  


(limited time only, regular price €350)


“To shift your life in a desired direction, you must powerfully shift your subconscious.”
― Kevin Michel