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Explore Your Quest

Expand your awareness to discover your purpose.


Online Program Starting -  February 14th 2023


12 Live Sessions | Tuesdays - 18:00 - 19:30 GMT 


Expand your consciousness, uncover limiting beliefs and inner conflicts that are blocking your true nature.

Reveal your gifts, the rich clues to your purpose and passion.

Personal Development Program ~ 12 live group sessions on Zoom

Price: €295.00 

Image by Dustin Humes
“To begin is the most important part of any quest and by far the most courageous."- Plato



Over 12 live sessions you will be supported, to practice radical honesty with kindness, by expanding your awareness, tuning in and effectively releasing any mental blocks that hold you locked in the past or in fear of the future.

The payoff is total transformation, as you develop deep insights and discover the hidden riches that are the clues to your mission and purpose in life.​

  • Listen to your intuition

  • Embrace your shadows

  • Release your limitations

  • Trust your guidance

  • Discover your purpose

Includes over 18 hours live teaching & practice sessions | Tuesdays, 18:00 - 19:30  GMT | Duration 1.5 hours

Facilitated by Suzi von Mensenkampff & Anne Vetter.

Each session is recorded and can be accessed on the resource page along with other materials. Each week we create break out rooms to connect with each other, form bonds and develop trust. There is a practice buddy system that also supports you as you go through this transformational process. This program takes you on a deeper journey beyond the limitations of your conditioning to reveal the shadows that keep you blocked.

Program Overview

Session One

Tune in, pay attention, expand your awareness and see how it feels to quieten your mind and explore what lies within.

Session Two

Invite your heart to guide you, ask the soul questions, and practice acceptance.

Session Three

Freedom, heal the personal challenges that create mental and emotional blocks.

Session Four 

Choosing the intuitive response in every moment, taking time to tune in, again and again. Become familiar.

Session Five

Living with Awareness, 5D response is the creative quantum leap that can transform your life. 

Session Six

Expanded awareness and higher states of consciousness are your birthright.

Session Seven

Interconnectivity,  your integration process. Take back your power and transform the world, as a co-creator.


Session Eight

Forgiveness.  Healing old wounds, release your limiting beliefs, free yourself.


Session Nine

Deepen your practice, expanding compassion. How can I best serve myself and others?  


Session Ten

A Sacred Response expanding into the field of pure awareness. Revelations, inner sensing, insight.


Session Eleven

Interconnectedness, everything is connected. What is my role, my purpose?


Session Twelve

Living the teachings with pure awareness, experience clarity, calm and inner peace.

We explore the possibilities with a gentle curiosity and reveal the highest potentiality in every moment. There is a difference in our approach to shadow work and integration; it is easy, light and transformative. Access higher states of awareness to connect with the deeper meaning and purpose in your life. 

Take a quantum leap in your personal development, jump and the net will appear!

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